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Tips and Tools for Integrating Brain Research Into Your Therapy Practice

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We’ve learned a lot about The brain since we started studying it with MRI machines in 2010. In this workshop we will examine how to use this knowledge to inform our therapeutic  work with our clients covering a wide range of topics, including:

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • ASD’s
  • Bipolar disorder A
  • DHD
  • OCD’s

As well as other brain regulation issues we are discovering as we explore this new and exciting frontier  

Dan Fox LPC has spent the past 15 years helping adolescents (and their families) with the work of growing into healthy, happy adults. His diverse background includes teaching high school, running a summer camp, school counseling, and directing September High School.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, Dan has brought these experiences into his clinical work. He is committed to the idea that there is hope for your teen and relief for your family. Dan uses a variety of approaches to help teens and families get more functional and feel more successful. Some clients do better when the work is done out of the office. Some benefit from Dan’s short-term, cognitive-behavioral interventions. For other clients, Dan approaches ongoing therapy from a Humanistic and Gestalt view.

Dan provides talks and workshops for schools, summer camps, and other organizations seeking to understand adolescents and help them grow up. He also provides consultation and coaching by phone for parents around the country.