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Harnessing the Wisdom of the Body: the Body and the Psychotherapeutic Process


How many of us sit with our clients and on a regular basis find ourselves longing for more potent, effective and efficient ways to support them in making real, sustainable changes, in turning intellectual insight into actual empowered transformation? Our clients come to us in the good faith that we can help them, but the research shows that many of the types of interventions most of us are using most often fall far short of the hopes and dreams with which our clients are entrusting us.

The good news is that a turning in the tides is happening in recognizing the importance of moving beyond engaging our clients cognitively in session and integrating the body in real and significant ways. This is not a realm that is only limited to body psychotherapists and dance movement therapists!

Join us to learn simple and effective ways that any therapist can bring the body into focus in your very next session.

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Learning Objectives

  • Basic movement-based interventions you can use in your next session

  • Ways to get buy-in from clients about using movement in therapy

  • Somatic-based tools for deepening attunement and rapport with your clients

  • Ways to utilize movement for therapist self care before, during and after sessions

Jill Leversee is a psychotherapist with a master’s degree in counseling with a focus on dance movement therapy and body psychotherapy from Naropa University. She has a BA in dance, along with many years experience as a dance educator, performer and choreographer, all of which she brings to her work as a therapist. Jill sees the body as a source of wisdom that can help us understand and meet our most authentic needs. She supports her clients in accessing and cultivating this connection through the incorporation of movement, body awareness and present moment exploration. She also leverages her own bodily experiences in session to inform her interventions in the moment and support relationship building with the client.

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Limited Financial Assistance Available:

We want to make this an event that is accessible to all people no matter your social economic situation. Because of this, we are offering some financial assistance to those that are in need. We believe this is an important topic and want to make sure that all people are able to engage in this conversation with us. Please send us a message at describing your need and your current situation that might make it difficult to afford this event.