Group Therapy


Group therapy is an wonderful addition to individual therapy and something that can enhance someone’s therapeutic experience. In today’s society it is hard for us not involve ourselves in groups. Many of us are engaged in groups at work, school, with friends, family, and other outside activities such as team sports, social interactions, and organizations. In most of these experiences we have feelings that come up that can create separations, distance, anxiety, anger, and love. From these events we can learn so much about ourselves not only presently about who we are, but also who we have been and what past experiences are still unresolved within us. In our daily living it is difficult for us to understand these events and casualties that can come from them and we might decided to ignore or push them away. Group therapy gives people a chance to explore these interactions with others in a group. With the help of the therapist, individuals can explore a dynamic living in the moment process.

In group therapy it can be very important to be in a “here and now” process where. The here and now is the ability for a person to express their immediate thoughts without filtering or suppressing them. Group can be a wonderful place where people can rebuild relationships and grow closer in their understanding of intimacy. It is a space where people can heal from pains, struggles, or past relationships with the help of new relationships. When people are able to share their feelings and thoughts with the group it greatly helps in discovering themselves.

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