A letter from the Executive Director

I wanted to write to you all, after this long summer, to address the evolving situation with our affordable mental health care here in Boulder County.  Recently there have been cuts at Mental Health Partners (MHP), an organization that has played a large role in supporting folks with all types of insurance, including Medicaid.  For so long MHP helped cover a large portion of the mental health care provided in our community, including low income clients, which I am grateful for. There are so many people in our community that are in pain, in desperate situations, or yearning for some kind of help and most of them are not finding the support that they need. Thinking about it, I can feel the sadness of our overall situation. Boulder is no different than many other places, there is not enough help for everyone in need, especially for those who cannot afford it financially.

As the need continues to grow we, outside of MHP, are stepping up to fill the gap as best we can. We at Whole Connection have made it our mission to make sure that all people have access to therapy no matter their financial situation.  We are actively accepting clients for individual and group therapy and for those we are unable to directly help, we are happy to refer folks out to another clinic or provider. We are here as a community resource to continue to provide client-centered service, always giving attention to culture, and trying our best to continue to meet the demands of the growing need in our small community.

We hope our small, but well trained, group practice can continue to service this mission at a time of need.  Thank you all for your ongoing support for our community.


Phillip Horner, Executive Director


Melissa Utz