A note from our Executive Director as we transition from Summer to Fall


With August ending that means Fall is fast approaching.  At this time of year, transitions are happening for so many of us. A lot of that is centered around school either because we are a parent or a student.  With transitions come new stress on our bodies and our minds.  If we don't adjust our own routines to the transition then there is a good chance that we will feel the anxiety, stress, and even sadness that can easily come during this time of year.  

This can be beautiful and tough.  We can all do something a little different, go to bed earlier, create more mindfulness through reflection, adjust our priorities, or even watch the sunset more often.

We hope that you are finding ways to adjust to this transition and in doing so are allowing space for a little self-care.  You are important and you cannot help others until you take care of you.  This fall we look forward to seeing you at our trainings and other community events and if you need support, reach out.  We are here to support our whole community, collegues and clients alike through the fall transition.

Melissa Utz