A Fresh Commitment to New Ideas

Many of you have been reading our blogs over this past year and we thank you for joining us in our exploration of many themes and areas of interest.  We have tried to engage with topics reflecting the current atmosphere of our society and broader world.  Our posts were written with the hope of providing helpful information during tough times, supporting the development of new skills while working with our own struggles, and sparking insights on certain situations. In 2019 we’re striving to provide more.

First up is a commitment to create video content on our new YouTube channel. We hope to provide mini practices and instructional videos that may help our viewers build new skills. In addition, I will be writing each week on a variety of topics as well as inviting guest writers from both inside and outside the clinic to share their expertise.

I believe that we can heal through our community connections, just like we do in groups, so sharing information, teaching new skills, and most importantly connecting with the community is very important for me personally. Please keep connecting with us through whatever means feels best for you whether reading our posts or watching our videos. I also encourage you to write to us about different topics and skills that you are wanting to learn and hear about so that we can support you.



Melissa Utz